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Claire Barker NutritionistAdv. Dip. Nutritional Medicine

Hi, I’m Claire, Accredited Nutritionist and Certified Yoga Instructor.  I believe that by nourishing our bodies with a balanced whole food diet, we give ourselves the best opportunity to thrive!

For many years I suffered with gastrointestinal health problems and as you may have experienced, these can affect not just your gut but lead to low energy, headaches, poor mood, increasing food intolerances, thyroid, sinus and skin problems just to name a few.  It was a long journey to discover how to remedy my ever growing list of symptoms but this is something I now want to share to help others.

So, a bit more about me….

I love food, yoga and the ocean : )

I am a whole foods believer.

I can’t go much more than a day without yoga, it keeps me balanced! 

I am a little obsessed with tea, for all their many therapeutic benefits.

I have a Law degree.....if only all lawyers were like Harvey from Suits!

I grew up in the UK and have been living in Sydney for the past 8 years.

I am a complete water baby so if I am not working or doing yoga, that’s probably where you will find me!

I love to laugh, eat yummy food, catch up with friends and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors

Weird fact: I can move my pinkie toe without moving the rest….try it, it’s harder than you think!

Whole Health


Whole Health Nutrition is not just about the food we eat.  These three pillars set the foundations for nurturing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, to live a healthier, happier you.


This is where it all starts, planting the seeds and creating a healthy environment inside our body.  Hippocrates in 431 B.C. said ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’ so using food as medicine is far from a new approach, it is just one we have become out of touch with and sadly, confused about.

When my gut symptoms were at their worst and my energy at its lowest, the best and quickest thing to improve my health, was eating the right foods....feeding my body with foods that helped it function at its best.  These are foods our body naturally recognises, foods from nature, WHOLE foods.  Grown in nature they are given to us already perfectly packaged, with the synergistic nutrients that work together to carry out their many functions.  Fibre rich and gut loving, whole foods are what our body craves to keep us healthy.

It is when we move away from eating foods in their natural state that things start to go wrong.  When we start to eat too many foods that have gone through too many hands (or machines), they no longer offer the full benefit they were designed for.  Nutrients deplete, fibre and healthy fats diminish.  Refined sugars, saturated fats, even artificial sweeteners or flavourings are commonly added to give back the flavour that has been removed (and trans fats often created – eeek!).  Eating a whole food diet guarantees maximum nutrients and minimises risks to our health. Whole foods for whole health is a simpler, easier and far more delicious way to live, nourish and flourish : )

Invest your time and trust in foods that have your whole health at heart.


I spent a long time trying to nourish my body and rid my symptoms, that at one point I forgot about balance.

It is important that we do not feel deprived or left craving foods we enjoy.  Although these may not necessarily be nourishing in the literal sense of the word, they are nourishing in a soul-full way.  They make us happy and satisfied.

I believe these are moments we live for and foods that become so much more enjoyable, satisfying and guilt free, when the majority of our diet is comprised of natural whole foods.  For example, I love waking up on a Sunday and cooking up a wholesome breakfast but I also just as much love a slice of cake or glass of wine at dinner.  I do not have to feel guilty for indulgences, when they are balanced with an abundance of healthy choices.

Balance can also be things like time.  We are all busy and time poor so adjusting our diet to suit these needs is a practical necessity in order to realistically achieve maintaining a healthy way of eating.  These are all considerations that are taken into account when I formulate a client's treatment plan.

The final aspect of balance is between the different aspects of our body.  WHOLE health goes far beyond just the physical, it also looks at balancing our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  My holistic approach to health assesses all these elements and empowers you to create positive lifestyle changes, ones that can shape the future of your health and those around you.

Health, just like life, is a balancing act we continuously re-adjust and adapt to.

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Having experienced first-hand the power of food to change the way we feel, I am passionate about educating people that healthy does not have to mean difficult, time consuming or boring.  Healthy living can be simple, easy and best of all, delicious!

When we nourish our body we give it a stable foundation, when we allow balance we accommodate our individual lifestyles and give flexibility to indulge.  This sets the environment to thrive in our health but also in our daily lives, at work, in relationships and social worlds.  Without a healthy body we will never be the WELL-beings we all deserve to be.

I live a life full of delicious foods that make me feel good and I would love to help you on this journey to nourish . balance . thrive

Claire x