Kruno Velican , Executive Chef   Hilton Hotel, Sydney

Kruno Velican, Executive Chef

Hilton Hotel, Sydney

I have never felt better in my life...

“I met Claire while she was working as Nutritionist in Hilton’s health club, Living Well. We have partnered to create balanced, healthier and more nutrient dense food offerings throughout the hotel. 


Her knowledge, passion, guidelines and experience helped us to reinvent ourselves and positioned us as a leader in our field, by providing healthier, balanced and nutritious meals for our guests, using the best ingredients to maximise energy levels and support their wellbeing.


On a personal level, due to nature of my work, I have found myself very often tired and struggling to focus. I was suffering from lack of sleep and often felt cramps in my body. Through several sessions, Claire has coached me how to achieve a better quality of life and far greater productivity at work. Her recommendations and modifications to my diet, exercise routine and mindfulness tools, were always practical and easily implementable with her guidance and support.


I feel like I have never felt better in my life. Claire is very approachable, professional and full of knowledge, which she passionately shares with others.”